Language Learning Tools

Learn French by Podcast  Short audio lessons including dialog, vocabulary,  explanations and a quiz.  Audios are free, written materials for a small fee.

Comme une francaise An excellent resource for both French language and French culture.  The delightful French host, Géraldine Lepere, gives a weekly video lesson on subjects like “Favorite French Expressions,” “5 Embarrassing Mistakes in French” and “How to Order Coffee in France Like a Local.”

French Word-A-Day  An excellent blog for learning French customs, words and phrases, especially those that don’t show up in your typical French course. The author Kristi Espinasse is also the author of the charming book  Words in a French Life

Kwiziq  This site has a system of short quizzes that drill you on grammar, with daily reminders and progress charts. The content of each quiz is based on your prior results, so you are constantly focusing on the things you need to work on. You can take ten quizzes a month for free and need to buy a subscription to take more

Larousse French-English Dictionary This is my go-to source to look up words.  It’s always on my phone (about $5 in your favorite App Store.)

The best way to learn a language is to speak it.  But who do you talk to when you are still struggling with the language?  Find a language partner!  This is someone is learning English and who speaks your target language.  My Language Exchange is a great resource for finding language partners.  It allows you to search for a potential partner, specifying parameters such as your native language, your target language, and the gender and age range of the language partner you are seeking.  Then you can connect by phone, Skype, or sometimes even in person.