Driving in French

The French road system is excellent. The country is covered by a comprehensive network of autoroutes – similar to our Interstate Highway System – along with plenty of secondary roads. They are in uniformly good condition and are well-marked so you can find your way. If there is any downside to the French road system it would have to be…French drivers.

Find out why French drivers are NOT one of the glories of France at My French Life.

2 thoughts on “Driving in French

  1. I totally agree about the tailgating in France and the general level of impatience and disregard for the ‘rules’ although I don’t find them half as aggressive as the Belgians. I hate driving in Belgium. It’s just the driving on country roads in France that’s so scary. They are so hilly and bendy and the French want to overtake on a blind rise!! Aagh! I almost shut my eyes while I’m driving…haha. I must say the Dutch are pretty reckless too, but I’m used to them now and most of the roads here are fairly straight and flat so visibility is good. Having lived in South Africa for 20 years, I’m very familiar with the road rage there. But, I AM surprised to hear the Brits are so high on the road rage list (I read the comment where it mentioned that)! I always find driving in the UK very relaxing after being in Europe. People seem to be so polite. I was born there and grew up and learnt to drive in the UK, so maybe I’m just used to driving the way they do, but I’ve been away for 37 years and it still feels very relaxing to drive there. Interesting article, Keith!

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