How to Make French Friends

Val and I are lucky–some of our best friends are French, people we’ve met while living in Provence.

We are sometimes asked, “How did you do it? Aren’t the French kind of standoffish?”

The answer is Non! There are wonderful people in France just like everywhere.

Having lived abroad twice now, we’ve learned a few things about making friends in a new country. Anyone can do it! If you’d like to know how, check out my article at The Planet D.

6 thoughts on “How to Make French Friends

  1. Beautiful attitude. Even though I don’t speak French, I still find the locals kind and lovely. But it sure is inspiring to hear your story and makes me want to try to improve and do better.

    • I really don’t know why the French have a reputation as being unfriendly because they are so great! Maybe Americans find the French rude because their only experience is with Parisians during the heat of summer. But then, what would you think of Americans if your only experience was in New York during a sweltering August? 😉

  2. We also find the French very friendly! We don’t live in France but because we are so close, we go there often and spend our holidays cruising the French waterways on our lovely old Dutch barge. We always find friendly, kind people wherever we go, and of course having a pretty boat helps, so if you don’t have a dog a classic old barge can work wonders too 🙂

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