You Speak French and You Don’t Even Know It!

“Let’s get a table in the front part of the restaurant. We can watch television and look at the menu while we wait for my cousin.”

Table, part, restaurant, television, menu, and cousin — those are all French words, even spelled the same way as in French. And if you order salad and onion soup, that’s three more (salade, oignon, soupe). You’re speaking French!

As much as half of the English language comes from French. Even Queen Elizabeth’s royal coat of arms is in French! Read all about it at Frenchly.

3 thoughts on “You Speak French and You Don’t Even Know It!

  1. I am taking translation this semester. I also have classes where the paper that I cite is in English but I deliver the work in French. Occasionally, it is vice-versa. I only paraphrase for now in French, but it iis a PITA to switch languages unless the specific citation is important. But, for French to English, I will do the translation myself and then quote and cite an official version when possible in the notes, while ldeally leaving the French in the body. This ensures accuracy and comprehension, as well as a place to say “Maybe this isn”t right.”

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