Franco-American Cultural Differences: An Insider’s Perspective

For the last ten years, my wife Val and I have split our time between California and France. And we’ve observed a great many cultural differences between the two countries…

I recently gave two talks on the subject – one to a French group and one to an American one. Four of these cultural differences generated a lot of discussion.

You can read my article on the subject at My French Life.

Vive la différence !

4 thoughts on “Franco-American Cultural Differences: An Insider’s Perspective

  1. There is a sense of the individual being responsibe for their own safety. Small one-way mountain roads with no guard rails, hiking paths on coastal cliffs and steep narrow stairs, are examples that come to mind. In the U.S. there would be law suits if the government didn’t Install safety features. French seem more self reliant. They aren’t prone to smile at a stranger and tend to give a longer stare. Say “Bonjour”, and all will be well.

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