Secrets of St.-Rémy: Parking

The Wednesday morning market in St.-Rémy is one of the best in Provence. And it is very popular, which makes parking a challenge. There are a few spots available in the pay lots and on the street, but they tend to fill up early. So most people have to park far from the market.

This is fine on the way in, but trudging back to your car with everything you bought at the market can be a pain. Isn’t there a better way?

Happily, the answer is yes, and most people don’t know about it.  And it’s free!  It’s a series of parking lots that you wend your way through and you can find parking even on busy market days.

The series of lots is called Parking de la Libération. It’s on Avenue de la Libération, just off Boulevard Mirabeau. But it is not well marked and can be hard to find, even with a GPS.  Here’s how to find it.

If you are coming from out of town, you will probably find yourself on the D99 at some point. This is the East-West road between Cavaillon and Tarascon. Get off the D99 onto the D99A on the East side of town (there are two such intersections.) Go 1.5km, until just BEFORE you dead end onto Boulevard Mirabeau. On your left will be something that looks kind of like extra space between buildings but is actually a driveway. Here’s what it looks like.

Alternatively, if you are coming from St.-Rémy itself, you will probably be on the ring road that circles the downtown. It changes names several times and at one point becomes Boulevard Mirabeau. When you get there, stay in the right lane and take the exit towards Cavaillon.

After 70 meters, at the crosswalk, the parking lot entry will be on your right. Go slowly or you will miss it! Here’s what it looks like.

Turn right and go slowly. You’ll end up in a small parking lot that is always full. Don’t worry, go to the far end of the lot and follow the “Sortie” sign.

Now you will be in a larger parking lot that is also probably full. Drive out the exit on the far side (that is, to the right as you first enter the parking lot.) As you drive through the parking lot, keep your eye out for this sign on your right – it’s the walking path into town.

As you exit this second parking lot, going up a little ramp, you will enter a third parking lot that looks like the second one. On market days it is usually full. Never fear! Keep going, out the far side of this lot and up another ramp.

Now you’ve hit the big lot, with lots of dirt and grass and plenty of parking. I’ve seen it get crowded but never full. You will almost certainly be able to park here.

Now go back to the walking path into town and enjoy the market. But be sure to note the end of the walking path so you can find it on the way back. The path is on Rue Marius Jouveau and here’s what it looks like from town.

When you go back to your car, don’t try to exit the way you entered, as this is a “one way” parking lot. Instead, continue on the dirt road in the parking lot to the far side and go out that way.

When you exit, you can go right (towards Maussane), left (back to town) or straight (other directions). If you go left, be aware that this is a narrow road with two-way traffic and periodically one car will need to stop in a wide spot to let another pass.

Enjoy St.-Rémy!

16 thoughts on “Secrets of St.-Rémy: Parking

  1. Great advice! If it hadn’t been for your instructions I would have NEVER found this parking lot and probably would have parked way out of town. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Yes, this parking lot was a great find.
    Parked there many times & always got a spot. Just one more amazing moment in Saint Remy!!!

  3. I was drawn to your article immediately by the stunning blue tin snail aka 2CV. Parking in town centres is for those in the know I reckon as parking signs seem to be no-where near their parking lots and therefore easy to drive past. We have found like you have that the parking lot is often at the back of buildings or down a lane that then opens up on a square. Not easily seen. A helpful post for sure. Annette

  4. Thank you so much for this secret. It was perfect to park here and walk in. Heaven! We went very early, but it was still busy….not as busy as when we left tho

  5. What a secret ! We went there today and there isn’t even a sign now as far as we could see (possibly due to the road works/improvements). Without your advice we’d certainly not have found it.

  6. Update July 2022:
    Keith, thank you for this post. You have no idea how much you helped us in a very specific situation – how to easily park for a few days in St Remy.

    We found that the app “Waze” recognizes Parking de la Liberation as an address. The app will navigate you right to the lot!

    Thanks again!!

  7. Bless you for providing this guidance. We are headed to Saint Remy in September (just for a quick stop) so I was delighted to find this article. I am sometimes directionally challenged LOL so following your directions will give me an excellent advantage. Thank you!! Sara D, Virginia/USA

  8. Tried following your advice today, market day. Found the entrance straight away but put off by no “P” sign and sign pointing to Police Municipale. It looks like a dead end. Eventually got there using Waze, better description now might be turn right immediately at the end of large white building covered in ivy. Went right through following your directions but the large car park was full with lots of people driving around trying to find a slot. Went out the exit, turned right and managed to park on the street there. Still an easy walk back to the centre so thanks, would never have found a parking place without your help.

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