A French Crime Spree

My wife Val and I spend every spring in St-Rémy-de-Provence. One year we received a “French lesson” we weren’t expecting: what happens when your car is broken into. It’s funnier than you think!

This story is adapted from my upcoming book Are We French Yet? You can read the rest of the story at My French Life.


4 thoughts on “A French Crime Spree

  1. Our window was broken a few years ago in Lacoste while we were having lunch at Café de France. We too were shocked when we returned to our car. They took a pair of walking shoes. That’s all we had in the car. The insurance was too complicated for us to figure out and was taking months for reimbursement, so we just had to pay for the window. C’est la vie!

  2. Keith it’s refreshing to read how you and Val can see the funny side in what was an annoying situation. Always a chance to learn the language and culture. Can’t wait to see your new book in print.

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