My New Book Has Just Been Published!

I’m very excited to let you know that Are We French Yet? Keith & Val’s Adventures in Provence is now available! It’s the sequel to One Sip at a Timeand I’m thrilled to tell you about it.

Like One Sip at a Time, it’s the story of two part-time expats trying to create a life in France. And it takes a deeper (but still funny!) look at French people and their history, literature, politics, business, sports, and—of course—food and wine.

The Kindle version is available now and the paperback will be out in a few days. Here’s the link on Amazon.

I hope you like it!




Can Two Americans Really Become French?

Val and Keith turned their lives upside down when they quit their jobs and began a part-time life in Provence. But they wondered: Can we fit in? And maybe become French ourselves?

Follow their adventures as they slowly unlock the mysteries of France…

– Is it true that French people are like coconuts?

– Can you learn to argue like a French person?

– What books have changed French lives?

– Most important of all, how do you keep your soup from exploding?

There’s more to becoming French than just learning the language. If you want the inside scoop on la belle France, you won’t want to miss this delightful book!

6 thoughts on “My New Book Has Just Been Published!

  1. Hi Keith
    Really enjoyed your new book – enjoyed the last one too.
    Your chapter about the Eurovision particularly amused me. When I was a teenager we all watched it and it was then called The Eurovision Song Context. It was a standing joke that the French always gave the Uk nil points until one year ……….
    12 points!
    Kind regards

    • Hi Moy,

      I love the video! I wish we’d had Bucks Fizz in this year’s Eurovision because they might have won!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my book! If you wouldn’t mind, I would really appreciate it if you would write a review on Amazon.

      Merci !

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