The Best Value Wine in France? (and a secret picnic spot)

Just ten minutes from one of France’s most famous sites, the Roman aqueduct Pont du Gard, sits the tiny village of Estézargues.  There’s not much there – no charming cafés or famous monuments.  But on the edge of town you can find some astonishingly good wine— wine that you might consider the best value wine in France!

You can read the full article at France Travel Tips.

4 thoughts on “The Best Value Wine in France? (and a secret picnic spot)

  1. A frequent buyer card for a cave coopérative – how perfect! It is so good to be able to enjoy good wine at sensible prices and the cave coopérative at Estézargues sounds like they have cleverly managed this. This travel tip is now added to my French travel file.

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